Upholstery Cleaning

We understand that your furniture may very well be one of the biggest investments in your home. If you want to protect your investment and enjoy fresh, clean, healthy furniture for years to come, it needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. If the usual grit, grime, and spills of an active household aren’t removed periodically, they can damage your furniture, leaving it dull and dingy.

You may not have realized this, but pollen, germs, and other contaminants that fall from the air also get imbedded in the fabric of your furniture, eventually to the point where it’s impossible to remove these contaminants with vacuum cleaning alone.

Using our truck-mounted, hot water extraction cleaning system, we can safely and thoroughly clean most fabric types, leaving your furniture brighter, fresher, and healthier.

Just look at how we transformed this drab, old, spotted furniture…

Dirty Upholstery

… into bright, clean furniture that really pops…

Clean Upholstery